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Seminars and training

Ulrich Mäule

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Seminars and training

For many years now, we have been conducting seminars on topics such as applied surface engineering, test methods, environmental and occupational safety. Some of these seminars are conducted in cooperation with associations such as ZVO, QIB or GRM, for example. In addition, we also plan in-house training sessions at our customers' site. The seminar plans are developed with the individual needs of companies in mind and they can be executed on-site upon request. Our experienced consultants speak the language of production.

Services offered

  • Occupational safety, environment and surface engineering
  • Company and in-house seminars
  • Staff Management
  • Basics of electroplating in cooperation with ZVO e.V.
  • Workshop on “Corrosion protection tests” in cooperation with ZVO e.V.
  • In-house training sessions – electroplating techniques and their testing
  • In-house training sessions – environmental law in surface engineering
  • Training sessions – forklift driver